What We Do

The fish’s dorsal fin is its basic guidance system, so it can swim in the right direction, make turns and avoid collisions. That’s what you do for your business.

The fish’s ventral fin is used for the finer details of swimming, and for zooming in on details. That’s what we can do for your business.

But still thinking about the fish thing, an old Japanese proverb suggests that,

The last animals to discover water will be fish

Because we are all immersed in our own creative ‘water’, we do not always understand the thing we are in very well.

As well as zooming in, it is sometimes good to zoom out – to recognise the ‘water’ you exist within, see the big picture and overcome blind spots. That’s something else we can do for your business.

So we reckon we can help you with:

  • Research – general intelligence gathering
  • Envisioning – thinking about the way you think and seeing new directions
  • Innovation – exploring new ideas and avenues for creative and organizational innovation
  • Evaluation – measuring the success of creative processes and outcomes
  • Engagement – connecting to existing, emerging or more ‘hard to reach’ aspects of your market
  • Dialogue – talking to your people or broader networks through lectures, seminar and workshops and other media
  • Articulation – expressing yourself through different creative media such as creative writing, film, performance or new media

There are lots of good research consultancies out there, but we think we’ve got ‘intellectual bottom’. We work in the cross-over terrain between theory and practice, between,

  • a knowledge of the social sciences, anthropology and cultural studies, economics, business management and organizational thinking, that avoids superficiality and brings real depth
  • generating practical research and finding creative, business and organizational developments, that avoids silly jargon and really helps things to grow

We have experience of working with the commercial creative businesses sectors, public cultural organizations and cultural policy agencies.

Jim Shorthose has a Ph.D in Management and Organization Studies and is a registered Urbact Thematic Expert