97 Ideas About Creativity

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All the time, we refer to this thing called creativity… but what is it? Where does it come from? How can we make it a more reliable feature of our lives? 97 Ideas About Creativity offers some insights into these and other questions by exploring stuff to do with the creative mind; the ‘logic’ of creativity; relationships that make creativity come to life; and an ‘anatomy’ of creative stages – all in a snappy and up-front way that is both useful and fun.

Published by the Make to Make project, in association with Creative Quarter Nottingham, as part of their Pecha Kucha Nottingham, 97 Ideas About Creativity is now available to buy at £10 per copy (£7 for the book, and £3 p&p) from the Lulu self-publishing website, just go here…

97 Ideas About Creativity Cover